The Consortium Partners

  • Partner UPC

    UPC is a top technical university in Spain, specialised in the field of engineering, science and technology. In RHODaS, UPC acts as project coordinator and leader of WP2 on the design of electric and electronic components. The expertise of its research team is key in many other work packages for the definition of systems requirements and materials specifications.

  • Partner Kneia

    KNEIA is a Spanish SME that works with public companies, research institutions, government agencies and investors to provide assessment services on innovation management, dissemination and communication strategies, knowledge transfer, and implementation of scientific technological structures worldwide. KNEIA acts as communication, dissemination and exploitation manager and is leading WP6 on exploitation, communication and dissemination.

  • Partner Ecodesign

    The Institute for Engineering Design at the TUW focus on integration of sustainability and circularity aspects into product development since 1993. TUW has been involved in several European research projects within different industry areas (automotive, electronics, construction, furniture, etc.) focusing on the development and application of methods, tools and training materials in the thematic areas life cycle assessment (LCA), ecodesign, business model development and environmental communication. They are involved in WP1 for ecodesign guidelines and in WP5 for environmental and circularity assessments.

  • Partner AU

    Aarhus University is the second largest and second oldest university in Denmark. Our ECE Department is a world-leading department for research, education and innovation in electrical and computer engineering, creating a positive and visible impact on society and the environment through interdisciplinary collaboration, excellence and diversity. To this end, the Electrical Energy Technology group focuses on the electrical energy supply of the future to create new technologies to integrate solar, wind, hydrogen and other renewable sources into our electrical system. AU is leading WP3 on Thermal management systems.

  • Partner AIT

    The AIT Austrian Institute of Technology is Austria’s largest non-university research institute. With its seven Centers, AIT regards itself as a highly specialised research and development partner for industry. AIT is involved in materials specifications, converters modelling and analysis of results.

  • Partner Bosmal

    BOSMAL Automotive Research and Development Institute Ltd specialises in conducting research and development as well as design and manufacturing activities for domestic and foreign companies, mainly in the automotive and fuel sector. Thanks to the experienced staff of highly qualified employees, it implements a comprehensive range of services and cooperates with many well-known institutions and technical universities, both domestically and abroad. BOSMAL is leading WP5 on integration, testing and technical and environmental validation.

  • Partner Valeo

    Valeo is a world-leading global automotive supplier operating in 31 countries, employing 103,300 people and holding 184 production sites and 64 R&D centres. Valeo Powertrain Systems Business Group offers a variety of mobility solutions, from e-Bike systems to high-power solutions to propel electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles such as the SUV segment. Valeo is leading WP1 on system specifications, components and materials, and the exploitation of the RHODaS results.

  • Partner Valeo

    Valeo eAutomotive produces components for electric cars, which are used both in purely electric cars and in hybrid vehicles. It is involved in the definition and testing of the final prototype.

  • Partner nvision

    NVISION is a technology-based company specialized in the development of Internet of Things solutions for innovation. Leading work package 4 on software design and software development of digital tools, NVISION will design digital twins of electric powertrains for holistic modelling and simulation by using a cloud-based IoT platform.