Industrial Advisory Board

Collaborating to accelerate the transition to green mobility

Within the framework of the RHODaS project, an Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) has been formed. It is composed of academic members, material manufacturers, original equipment manufacturers and associations. New members will be approached during the project execution. The IAB will support the project implementation by highlighting the e-truck industrial sector technical and performance requirements in terms of power density, efficiency, cost and sustainability.

In addition, it will support the effective dissemination and exploitation of the outcomes from the RHODaS project. The IAB will be one of the most valuable communication routes with different target groups. Their resources and channels will be used to disseminate the results to the relevant industrial sectors and establish proper routes of exploitation. Representatives from different industry associations, companies and research bodies will be included in the IAB and meet once a year to follow up on the project results and provide technical support and commercial guidance.

The consortium will organise public webinars for the major project milestones and support organising the industry workshops in connection with mid-term reviews and final project meetings. 

The close collaboration with the RHODaS Advisory Board will boost the uptake of the project innovations in their manufacturing and production chain. In addition, relevant environmental, social and economic issues are considered in the design (LCA, LCC and Eco-design), to facilitate scalability while ensuring the development of affordable and reliable user-centric solutions, whose main pillars are sustainability, recyclability and circularity.

Members of the RHODaS Industrial Advisory Board