RHODaS Joins the E-VOLVE Cluster

Driving Collaboration and Innovation in the European Electric Vehicle Industry

The truck runs on the highway. 3d render and illustration.

Alongside sister projects HighScape, EM-TECH, HiPE, SCAPE and POWERDRIVE funded under the same Horizon Europe programme “Clean and competitive solutions for all transport modes, Zero emission road transport”, RHODaS has joined the E-VOLVE CLUSTER.

E-VOLVE, which stands for Electric Vehicle Optimised for Life, Value, and Efficiency, is a virtual cluster dedicated to revolutionising the electric vehicle (EV) industry. Comprised of member projects that recognise the power of collaboration, E-VOLVE aims to deliver innovations that cover a wide range of EV components, specifically designed for the new generation of EVs. With a focus on energy efficiency, fast charging, and increased driving range, the cluster strives to meet the future mobility needs in urban and inter-city environments while satisfying market demands for usability and cost-effectiveness.

Through a comprehensive communication plan, including website management, social media engagement, and joint dissemination activities, E-VOLVE ensures that its members contribute to and benefit from a robust and active network. By leveraging synergies between various projects funded by Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe calls, the cluster maximizes their impact and outreach. Additionally, the scientific board of E-VOLVE actively works to create common publications and target relevant conferences, amplifying the cluster's influence in the EV research and development landscape.

To support the industrialisation and exploitation of its innovations, E-VOLVE has established a working group that provides access to vehicle demonstrators and business tools that help bridge the gap between research and commercialisation, and accelerates the adoption of cutting-edge EV technologies, paving the way for a more sustainable and efficient future of transportation.

The E-VOLVE Cluster stands at the forefront of EV innovation, uniting member projects to drive advancements in energy efficiency, usability, and cost-effectiveness. With a commitment to collaboration, communication, and industrialisation, E-VOLVE is poised to shape the next generation of electric vehicles, meeting the evolving mobility needs of urban and inter-city environments and driving the transition towards a greener transportation ecosystem.

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