RHODaS is here!

With its kick-off meeting in May 2022, the RHODaS project started a journey to make heavy-duty electric transport more sustainable and efficient.


On 19 and 20 of May 2022, 9 companies of 6 EU countries (3 Universities, 2 Research & Technology organisations, 2 SMEs and 2 industrial partners) gathered in Barcelona, Spain, to start the activities of the RHODaS project. 

Coordinated by the UPC (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya), in the next 4 years the RHODaS project will develop solutions to improve powertrains for electric long-haul vehicles, such as trucks. In fact, RHODaS project aims at developing disruptive topologies of power converters using new semiconductor materials as well as cutting-edge digital technologies to improve architecture efficiency, power density, reliability, cost and sustainability. Moreover, multi-disciplinary approaches of modular power electronics for Integrated Motor Drive (IMD) and ecodesign considerations are addressed, to create compact solutions that can be integrated into a wide range and heavy-duty vehicles, enabling these electric vehicles to be more sustainable and autonomous throughout the entire lifecycle of their components.

During the two-day meeting, partners discussed the first steps to take for the implementation of the project. The first months will be dedicated to defining the specifications for the power train, while the communication, dissemination and exploitation team will start defining the methodology to maximise the impact of RHODaS. 

You can follow RHODaS activities here, on the official website, and on Twitter and LinkedIn



Author: Mara Mennella/KNEIA

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