Exploring Circular Strategies: Insights from the RHODaS Project Eco-design Workshop

RHODaS project partners convened at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) in Barcelona on the 23rd – 24th November 2023 for the month 18 General Assembly Meeting.

Exploring circularity for the RHODaS powertrain workshop team

Following presentations on the project´s progress, Technische Universitaet Wien orchestrated an Eco-design Workshop. The focal point revolved around ideating enhancements for the entire powertrain and its individual components, ranging from the electrical motor to power electronics, gearbox, and thermal management system.

Divided into two segments, the workshop initially focused on identifying the pertinent circular economy loops for each product. This was followed by a meticulous evaluation of design criteria, exploring avenues for the implementation of circular methodologies.

This preliminary evaluation marks the beginning of an in-depth exploration into the circular powertrain within the RHODaS project. Future workshops will delve into specific areas such as electronics modularity and disassembly connection techniques, refining the project's approach toward sustainable and circular product development.

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