BOSMAL Automotive Research & Development Institute

Leaders of the integration, testing and technical and environmental validation of the RHODaS Integrated Motor Drive

BOSMAL  Automotive Research & Development Institute

BOSMAL Automotive Research and Development Institute Ltd has established itself as a leading organisation in the field of automotive research, development, and manufacturing and currently employs around 400 highly skilled professionals, including 17 professors and/or PhDs and 270 engineers/MScs. In addition, through partnerships with universities and vocational training programs, the institute offers apprenticeships and practical classes to students, helping to ensure that talented engineers have the opportunity to continue their professional journey with BOSMAL.

One of BOSMAL's key strengths lies in its ability to offer comprehensive research and design services, from initial concepts to full-scale implementation. The company prides itself on its flexibility in meeting market demands and client needs. This adaptability is supported by the institute's continuous investment in state-of-the-art research and measurement equipment, ensuring that it remains at the forefront of technological advancements in the automotive industry.

BOSMAL´s gearbox testing laboratory

BOSMAL´s state-of-the-art facilities are why they are leading the integration, testing and technical and environmental validation of the RHODaS Integrated Motor Drive (IMD), which includes the power converters, electric motor, thermal management system and digital tools developed by the other RHODaS partners. BOSMAL´s testing laboratories will integrate the IMD with the appropriate gearboxes to ensure performance validation of the entire e-axle, and that the IMD meets the specifications set out by the project´s lead engineers, as well as the EU´s automotive, environmental and circularity standards.

Testing the performance of the IMD components and the e-axel according to recognised Automotive Standards by BOSMAL will include electrical, environmental, mechanical and safety tests, such as e-motor measurements of net power, pre-homologation and homologation tests, electric energy consumption, e-motor/inverter set functional and durability testing, converter efficiency measurements, and efficiency versus e-motor temperature mapping.

BOSMAL´s state-of-the-art automotive research and development facilities

In addition to participation in the RHODaS project, BOSMAL actively engages in numerous local, national, and European scientific and research programmes and organises the prestigious "International Exhaust Emissions Symposium". BOSMAL's commitment to research is reflected in the growing number of publications in scientific journals and the participation of its employees in scientific conferences and involvement in various national and international bodies, such as the Polish Scientific Society of Combustion Engines, the World Forum for Harmonisation of Vehicles Regulations, and the European Commission RDE - LDV working group.

For more information about BOSMAL and the design, production and testing services they provide, visit their website at

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